Smaliukiene, R, Monni, S.(2019) “A Step by step approach to social marketing in energy transition“, in Insights into Regional Development 1 (1): 19-32

Abstract. By examining social marketing this articles has featured a step-by step approach for residential behavioural change towards sustainable energy transition. Specifically, this article considers the value-based approach instead of rational information campaigns for behavioural change of energy users. The proposed framework is based on environmental values and designed to transform the selected destructive behaviour into a sustainable one. The framework consist of five steps: (1) selecting the behaviour, (2) user orientation, (3) exchange, (4) marketing mix: elements of intervention, (5) measuring behaviour change. As behavioural change is the final goal of any energy efficiency campaign, it becomes also a starting point and an objective of the rest of the activities in the framework. Second, we suggest using the user orientation concept that divides the society into three groups based on their attitude towards environmental issues, i.e. environmentalist, the environmentally concerned and the disinterested. In the third step we apply the exchange theory; whereas in thestep of ‘marketing mix’ a conceptual combination of six elements for energy transition is reasoned: proposition, cost, communication, communities and partnership. Finally, the fifth step stresses on the measurement of the behavioural change that enables energy transition. The proposed step-by step framework is based on theory and builded on current practice in a field that is analysed in the article.

Keywords: energy transition; renewable energy sources; household; social marketing; communication campain

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